Good bye, highschool! Hello, new life!

22nd of November, placed at ICC Berakas was our graduation day. It was the day when a lot of tears fell down, everyone hugging each other, took pictures with each other, enjoying our very own “last moment”. I am sad, in deed, that I didn’t stay until the end of the ceremony as I have function about 1 hour 30 minutes after I went home.

Looking at our graduation pictures made me sad and cry every time I see all of it, not knowing when we’re going to see each other again. I don’t have much pictures with me though, but pictures are available on almost everyone’s facebook.

Pictures talk more than what I can do.




(the group photo above is courtesy of HikayaTapakuda)

and the rest are courtesy of my class mates and anyone who took the pictures:

grphoto6 grphoto2 grphoto3 grphoto5

Aww 😦 This is annoying, I feel like crying.




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