Travel Log: Kota Kinabalu

It had been exactly a week since I came back from my Retail Therapy. I just don’t feel like blogging. No. Actually, the real reason is I’ve been stalking someone’s blog. Srsly. Haha. And I’ve also been reading one of the books I bought in KK.

So, here it is!

Day 1 – 1st December 2009

Our flight was around 6:25 pm, so we arrived at Terminal 2 around 7pm. If you followed my twitter before my flight I am sure you guys know about the.. cute dude I was talking about. Hahaha. Srsly. He was with his Ang Moh friend and they were on the same flight as ours and… he is Malaysian! Surprisingly. I thought he is angmo leh. He looks like Taylor Lautner-ish. (No I am not on any team. I am neutral!)

KKT 070 KKT 001

KKT 002

We stayed in at Imperial Boutec, Warisan Square.

KKT 005

KKT 007

We had dinner at the food court (at the Centrepoint). We didn’t shopped much though. The first few things I bought (actually my dad paid them for me) were :

KKT 012 That pretty much sums up our Day 1 (or first night, to be specific).

Day 2 – 2nd December 2009

We went to 1Borneo by taxi. I bought quite a lot of kawaii (sorry, but I don’t know how I started using kawaii instead of cute. Over dose of VK, I guess) things. I also made a new spec which I reallllllly love. We went to Giant and bought Pringles (which is not available in Brunei yet, it was the one we saw on Xiaxue’s), and pretty flip-flops.KKT 014

We passed by Suria Sabah (which had it’s grand opening the next day) –opposite of Capital Hotel.

KKT 015 KKT 016

KKT 025 KKT 026 I enjoyed book shopping (nahh, I just bought 4) because Harris had book fair + clearance stock.

KKT 034 My first collections of “A little black dress book”.

We had our late lunch at Rasa Mas. The food was (Y).

KKT 029 KKT 030 KKT 031 KKT 032 Some of the things I bought on that day:

KKT 035 I have no idea what’s the use of the item above. It’s cute. Srsly.

KKT 036 I bought the pencil case because…. it’s cute!

KKT 037 Mi favorit. 😀

We went to Jakel (which was across 1Borneo) by taxi and had to cross back to 1Borneo just to get a taxi. What a day. Sister and I went for some window shopping at Warisan Square and then bought Nasi Goreng (to “accompany” the chicken we tapao-ed from Rasa Mas), waffles and drinks from Starbucks ❤ Oh, I also found one of the books from my wish list – Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. There was only 1 left!

KKT 078 KKT 039

Day 3 – 3rd December 2009

The hell of everything.

We had our breakfast at Sempelang.

KKT 042KKT 041 KKT 043 KKT 044 He refused to move (or was it she?). We didn’t mind anyway.

Then we went to Gerai Filipin, Pasar Ikan Masin, Pasar… then we went back to the hotel.

We then went to.. KK Plaza by foot! And to… this place I forgot the name. Was it Wawasan? The one behind Hyatt? And then to Suria Sabah. There’s only Metro Jaya, Reject Shop, Voir, Fabiano Rico and some fast food restaurant since it’s very new. Then the same route back to the hotel. Everyone had to “feed” me because I was mengusut-ing all the way. I hate walking, alright?

KKT 045KKT 046 KKT 047 KKT 048 KKT 049 KKT 050 KKT 051 KKT 052 For dinner, we went to pasar malam and dine there. At first, I was like, ‘”you sure we gonna eat here?”. There were a lot of tourists though. No doubt, the food was (Y) Fresh from the sea! *drool*KKT 057 KKT 053 KKT 058 KKT 065 KKT 067 seaweed. fresh from the sea.

KKT 069 KKT 075 Most of the items I bought on that day were for Lovetoshop Brunei and yes, I have already uploaded them on FaceBook. And yes. That day really was a hell for me.

KKT 079KKT 077

Day 4 – Last Day

We had our breakfast at another Sempelang branch. And window shopped around the city. Our flight was in the afternoon so nothing much done on that day. I don’t even remember where we had our lunch….. seriously. Did we even had lunch? Oh we did. We tapao-ed McD Prosperity Burger and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

KKT 085 KKT 080 KKT 081 KKT 082 KKT 083 KKT 084 KKT 061

Alright. I guess I don’t owe you any blog post anymore.




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