You know I am not a bag-person. I just dislike bringing bag around. So, I usually keep my stuffs inside my sister’s bag. But then, problems usually come when I go out with my cousin, Iqah, or my friends. I just had to bring a bag (or handbag). I really am not a fan of handbags.

Anyway, I’ve this craze over big bags but the cons is that… big bag = big mess. Right? So I’ve been wanting this bag like what Nonnie bought but…mostly are pre-orders and when it said pre-orders, usually it means.. deposit. Get me? The pockets are super duper pretty and cheappp! (I still want this if anyone wants to buy this for my birthday!) Anyway, I was having my PS in school while browsing through Facebook and saw a friend of mine being tagged on a bag organizer. Not as cheap as the pockets, but affordable enough for a kid *cough* like me. And it’s kinda like a bag, quite different from the one I wanted. When I say it’s cheap, it really is because I came across this online shop which sells the bag beyond my budget. I directly inboxed Zie Rayyan, the woman who sell this bag and despite being frustrated that I couldn’t get the colour I wanted (which is pink), after getting the one I ordered, I was super happy.

Okay. Too much words. In conclusion, I am very happy that I can just change my bag ANYTIME I want 🙂

These are… my bags. There’s more in the closet actually.


This is how my bag looks like after I put my bag organizer in. Though it looks fat, at least, it wont look messy and “kampis”. Hahaha.


And now I present you, My super cute bag organizer!



IMG_0719  IMG_0720 

My bag organizer is in size M and costs only for $16. It’s available in size S, M and L. Visit here or simply search for Zie Rayyan.

What’s in my bag? The usuals. Emergency kit, hand phone, camera, wallet, coin purse.

If you gonna book anything from her, do mention my name… and you’ll get.. nothing. Okay just kidding.

Alright, gotta continue doing my homework.

Peace and Love.


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