At last.

Hello people of the world!

So, you guys like my new blog theme? methink me like it πŸ™‚ Anyway, I am quite shock to see my blog stats. I mean, two hours ago, there were only five views and all of a sudden, I have 14 views now. But really, can’t you guys at least say hello? I know la there’s no cbox here, but a comment at least?

Anyway, Jogathon. Ah yea.

I actually bought a new shoes for the sake of today’s jogathon.

I was appointed to check point 2.

Didn’t know that my camera would take awesome picture outdoor πŸ˜€

After everyone passed by us, I actually have two choices:

a) go back to school by car, with teacher and Mirul (apparently Mirul decided not to jog or walk)

b) jog back to school (using shortcut)

c) jog back to school (long way, which is passing Check point 3 and 4)

I chose option C. I jogged a little with Dhiyah and Sakinah (just for at least two minutes) and then started walking slowly that both of them left me behind. I didn’t make any effort to catch them though. And I survived! I didn’t faint πŸ˜€ I also realized how far my school actually is. And I actually had fun with Zati. I mean, really. We were walking around, hunting for food. The night before, we were talking about how we wish there is a “milo truck” and THERE WAS! ‘Twas like a dream come true, except that we only got a small cup of milo, but it was refreshing!

Overall, not regrets on coming to the jogathon! Worth the tiredness (and the new shoes of course!)

On another note, I finally meet someone who is my “loyal” blog reader, apart from some friends and sister. Jiah. Yep. Jiah.

This girl, she came to my ASL class last month, I think. And she is in my registration class. Anyway, a few days ago, in class, she came to me and said “I’ve just realised that all this time the blog I’ve been reading was yours!” I asked her how she found my blog and she told me that she found it from Mau’s blog and have been reading it since forever (and she “stalks” my twitter too!) I guess it is something to be proud of now πŸ˜€

So, I am off to bed. And by the time you’re reading this (which is tomorrow, Friday), my birthday will be one day away! πŸ˜€ So, good night fellas!


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