It’s 12.03 am right now, and my flight to KL would be in the morning. I promised on my twitter to update about Malacca but I’ve been too busy, making my self busy. So, you deserve this post instead.

I am going to KL for my retail therapy, just incase you don’t know yet. Going there with Mummy and Uchoh. Can’t wait to meet sister though.

Anyway, here’s some pictures. To make this blog not-lifeless anymore. Not in order though.

So, we had Student Council Photo shoot. Oh Wait. I haven’t tell you this. We have a different kain than everyone else (which you will see in the next few pictures). After all those insults thrown at us , especially the girls, the meanie boys finally decide to shut their f- up 🙂

Photos from Lynnie 🙂 (note to Lynnie: I adjusted the colour a bit. Hope you don’t mind)

DSC_2021 DSC_2036 We are the Prefects from Bureau of Media and ICT 😀 And if you realise, that’s the MPH at the background and there were people having exams :S

Anyway, from the left to the right: Zeff Chu Kang, Me, Pii-chan, Fakhrul, Hanee, Lynnie and Ziqqy. Only Chu Kang, Hanee and Lynnie do not take Computing. The rest are my Computing gangs.


The whole Student Council People, and that’s if no one is missing. And I guess, I am easily spotted –___—”

I’ve been away from classes since the exam started. The only class which I actually studied (and not actually looking forward for, because of the work load) is ASL. Block 1 and 2 are my free blocks, so I usually spend my time at the usual – ICT Lab 2 where I would either have my breakfast or lunch, watch Gossip Girl, use the internet or talk to teacher. As for Block 3, I just entered for the sake of not escaping. As for Block 5, the teacher did not take our attendance during the exam week. So I skipped just one class – she did not teach, no attendance taken, the class was 3/4 empty – and stayed at the ICT Lab to revise. There was once when only the four of us in Block 5 =..=

And here are my favourite pictures of Pii-chan and I using the school MacBook 😛

Photo on 2010-09-02 at 09.12 #2 Photo on 2010-09-02 at 09.17 Photo on 2010-09-02 at 09.17 #2 Photo on 2010-09-02 at 09.13 I spent my lunch today at Tangga Gila or the crazy bird’s stair (as what dorang Lynnie and Balqis called it – though I prefer to call it Tangga Gila) taking pictures, talking nonsense. We even had curhat time and what we had there will stay there 🙂 Balqis and Nabilah went into my sociology class and we had random gila moments there. Zee called me Snow White but Nadia and her ended up calling me Baby instead because I was all mengusut and yeah.. I even complained to teacher that they bullied me so.. they decided to continue calling me Baby.

Photos courtesy of Balqis

IMG_2307 (L-R) Balqis – or KissKissKiss as she mentioned on twitter, whom I started talking with when we hang out masa Jogathon in July, Lynnie – the girl who I met from my tuition last year and ended up being classmate and in the same bureau, PN – or Syafi’in, who always say “Hi President!” whenever he sees me and makes his friends curious why he says so and obviously the most right is me, if you don’t recognize.

IMG_2339 Here’s me on the left and Nabilah on my right. 🙂

I guess that’s all for now. Gonna go to sleep. Need to. Will see you guys when I come back from KL, this Sunday.


Mmi 🙂


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