A year ago…

I remember being anxious about my ‘O’ Level result. I had to call Hikmah several times because she registered mine (I was in KL when the registration opened). Then she called saying she got 8 ‘O’s. I was happy but sad at the same time because I hadn’t got mine. But after she got hers, I got mine! I screamed – and my dad jumped. Because he thought there’s something. I ran around the house in excitement, and I obviously cried. Then I called sister, who was in KL, telling her about my geography grade. Then called mummy who was in Temburong for the day. It was all crazy!

And here I am. Today.

Took Sociology and Literature for October 2010. I knew I nailed my Sociology Paper 1 but screwed my Paper 2. I was so not confident about even getting a D for both subject. I was anxious. I kept on refreshing my twitter page. Then Sherly got the copy (and MOE hasn’t send me my result!) so I asked for mine. I became even more nervous. Then…. I checked my DM.

Here’s what I got:

Sociology – D

Literature – C

I thought I was gonna fail literature. Especially since I had my last minute tuition! I cried when I saw my result. Like, dad and sister was surprised to see me cry. Then I said I got my result!

I know I am supposed to be sad for my Sociology but Literature cheered me up. That’s a freaking C man! Even my teachers (Ms Z and Ms Aspa) were surprised. Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah :’)

Walaupun belum dapat drop Literature tapi.. C. Jaditah! :’)

note: I never planned to take ASL (Literature) but GP! Well, all thanks to my babu who convinced me to take ASL instead ❤


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