Dear You

You know how love just comes around, without you wanting it to happen. But it’s just sad that you can’t have that person. You know you can never have him. No matter what’s the age gap, love makes it unimportant.

Seeing you around makes me tremble. Not that I like you but ever since we talk, and ever since I heard you sang, it’s as if something sends me a signal. I started to realise. I started to open my heart again. Except that, now, I am ready to feel hurt again. I know I can never have you.

But that never stops me. Although I can only see you from far, and smile helplessly whenever I see you.  I try to avoid looking into your eyes whenever we pass by each other.

I am glad it happens this way. Although I would die just so you know what I feel, I would rather stay silent. Rather than knowing I can no longer talk to you if you knew. It will be so awkward, that I won’t be able to face you anymore.

I am falling for you.

My girls – J and Hikmah – have been cheering me up :’) Especially J. With her advices and all. Her tweets simply made me sad 😦

“Hello, can you hear me?

I’ve got something to tell you.

I was lost, but you saved me.

I’ll go wherever you want to.

Cause I think that I’ve got to have you.

I’ve had enough.

I’m in love, it’s true.

So don’t, don’t take it away.

Cause I’ve got my eyes on you.

This song is my way of saying.

What I needed to say.

I didn’t know you until then.

I’m so glad that it happened this way.

Hold on now.

You’re leaving.

Take these hands.

Don’t even say good bye.

I want you to know that,

I’m going to miss you.

Hold on to my heart.

We’ll make it through.

And let it be known.

All I want is you.

And I’m learning to show it to you.

She’s learning to show it to you. Amen.”


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