I love @balqiscute

This is a post dedicated to Qisqis :9 I made her write a blog post about me (which I don’t remember which month + malas cari).

I knew here during the school’s Jogathon back in July. She’s funny. You can just stay with her for hours listening to her jokes, or sing with her (like what we did yesterday) or simply talk and have ‘curhat’ session with her. I love you Balqis. You’re one of the important jewel I’ve found :’)

And here are the pictures during Sociology Class from Balqis’ camera, which I forced her to post on facebook.

Note: You may now suffer from my picture overload :p Kidding. This is also a celebratory post for my 5000 blog views :’)

Us. Jeah (who just joined our class) was having her test. So she wasn't in 😦

To tell you the truth, we were so high that teacher was so scared looking at us. She looked worried.

@lynyssf and I

@amalisawesome and I

Miley is also now my tuition buddy. So… one of our teacher decided to separate us after only two classes. Because.. yeah.

Ajim was so annoyed when he browsed through the files. He was like “eh mati! vain eh! muka nya saja. Kan pengsan ku eh!” LOLOLOL sakliyouehjim

stalker, behind me.

If you’re still reading this Qis, I just want you to know that I’ll be with you anytime 🙂 ❤


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