SMARTER Oddy’s Quest

Hi guys! What up?

Haven’t been updating. Been busy.

I did one of the greatest thing, this year. And that’s to volunteer, working for SMARTER’s Musical Gala Night. It’s not just volunteering. It’s like having a new family. Playing with kids with autism. At some point, you just don’t know that they’re autistic. They just give you random hugs, usually as a thank you sign. Or simply a thumbs up.

This event made me closer with the close ones, and the new friends I made. I am now closer with Jeah and Miley. I now talk to school mates I never talked to or rarely talk with. Yes, Dinie, Zoul, Hetty, Kumar, Eyah, Nina, Baby. Everyone, really. And since we’re under costumes, Safwan and Nabilah had been a great ‘boss’, really. Although it was hectic, working backstage, I miss it. I miss the people, the teachers, the children. I miss walking around Empire, going on the buggy with the girls. Singing Bruno Mars’ Grenade and Just The Way You Are.

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you SMARTER for the great event. Thank you Helping Hands for this great opportunity to join you guys and help SMARTER. Thank you UBD Pals, for being so nice to us.

The Appreciation Night was great as well. We had it at Aiko Sushi. And no sushis involved. All the dancing, singing, laughing.

Thank you to Madre and Padre Jeah, for the ride. Also to Miley’s parents as well. And Baby, thank you for the ride to Aiko Sushi, and home.

(picture credit to the owner) Miley, Me, teachers, teacher Aziz and teacher Arlene.

No, not much picture. It was busy.

And last but not least, to my parents. Thank you for letting me out. For letting me volunteer, not that you have the chance to stop me from volunteering 😛 But thank you for the trust of letting me out and help out, being with the children, experiencing something different. Something I never did.

I love everyone 🙂

And here’s our backstage video! Thank you to the owner of the video, who uploaded this 🙂



  1. Im really love the video!! Now im thinking if i should join smarter, i’ve been volunteering CDC (child development centre) in brunei all my holidays, and been in the AID council community for as long as i can remember.

    1. wah. cemana join CDC? And where is it? :3 i am thinking of being more active in volunteering. You should! they have a club called SMARTER PALS now. For everyone yang mau ikut volunteer activities and all. If you want, I can add you up to the page :3

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