Fly away.

Pretty much relevant. I know you’re reading this. But whatever.

I’m sorry. Really. I’ve been worried about you but not that you realized. I know I always want to talk to you, day and night. I know I should give you your own time, but I miss you. And now, you’ve been away. I know you have your own problems. But I wanna listen to you. I want to be someone you talk to. But I guess, I get too annoying already, with me constantly nudging you.

Not that you care anything I said. Not that you care what I feel. But it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. I am still invisible in your eyes. And me, now, bragging about this, is pointless as well. I don’t know.

I love you. I really do. I know you get it but can’t you pull me back to reality and tell me the truth, that none of my dreams will ever work out? If one day, if I actually disappear. Disappear from your life. Will you even realize it? I guess not. So, forgetting me is pretty much easy for you. I am nothing. All I want is to give up. But the plan never works out. You’re always there.

Sorry but I can’t move on.


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