No, SMARTER posts hasn’t end yet. Well, we are now part of SMARTER PALS, so there you go.

We went to Jerudong Park on the 28th May, a day after I finished my exam. We were there to assist and/or shadow the kids. It was fun, hanging out with everyone!

Well, Jeah, Miley, Chim, Faris and I went for a walk around 7++. We played the swings and all. And BUMPER CARS! I hate the songs they played, really. And the ‘ride’ was quite short. But we had fun, nevertheless. And yes, being a party pooper I am, I get tired so easily. I even refused to walk around after that. I mean, really, don’t you know how big JP is, and how far bumper car’s place is? 😛

I’ll have to wait for photos from Jeah, but here’s picture from Hetty and Diin! Diin, I love your pink fish eye! And that will surely go under my wishlist!


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