The girls (Lynnie, Miley and Jeah – LMJ) surprised me at my house yesterday. I knew I smell something fishy! I just didn’t expect them to…come to my house with a cake 😛 Apparently they called my mom to help out. Gaaah! >:3

They came around 11+ am, with a birthday cake which I enjoy a lot. Thank you, girls and Faris and everyone who was involved in this plan! Mum cooked us noodles and all. Then we asked her to send us to the Mall. We went to every shop there and Jeah pierced her ears. I had fun with the girls and a lot of things actually happened. But what happened there, stays there, k?

And I definitely satisfied my crave for Dim Sum. Yeah. OH! And I definitely had the best birthday gift ever…other than the surprise. LOADS OF COTTON CANDIES FROM JEAH! I love cotton candy so much I kept bugging everyone to get me cotton candy every single day. And now I have a week stock of cotton candy.

And we went for karaoke..for an hour. We love singing too much 😛

And again, thank you girls, for the advanced birthday surprise! And now I have the RunThatCares Run to worry about. Yes, I am running on my birthday!

my happy face 😛 busy taking pictures for instagram

I was busy on MSN when they surprised yeah. I was still distracted with MSN


Miley and Waiz

Lynnie and Waiz


Kaka 'Jiah' (si tua! NYAHAHAH) and Miileh (Miley)


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