You can run but you cannot hide.


Long Distance is a lot less further than it seems.

People have always asked me what is a long distance relationship, how do they work, do they ever last and that they’re difficult. True long distance is difficult but so is every relationship. It’s a risk that everyone takes when they say words like ” Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend. ” But the truth is long distance is something than can be greater than having someone that lives in the same city as you. Long distance is a comitment where the two of you might only see each other maybe once every six months or sometimes not even at all until one day you two find a way to meet. It’s trust and love that may preval in long distance. Aslong as if you keep your head up and believe in that you two can make it then one day both of your lives will collide and join as one. It’s the will of love in the ones who care for each other that keeps them going on one day at a time. Not everyone that they look for in someone is near by, that is why it’s okay to be with someone even though you may not even see them to often other than behind a monitor or hear there voice from phone call away. No matter what people may say about long distance, it’s still something real in a relationship. It just might take a little time in between before you two meet, but when you do its as if magic has struck.

– via tumblr


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