After all, you’re my wonderwall.

It’s funny how people end up together.

Whether it be from meeting with friends or the fact that you fell in love with your friend. It could even be with someone you have never met in person or even someone you’re with all the time. I can’t say how, where, or even when feelings may start for the person you’d maybe least expect to fall for, but when you do it’s a magical feeling. It’s the feeling of not just love or trust, you can say it’s a bond between the both of you. These feelings aren’t easy to form let alone easy to keep. They can be gone in a heart beat but they can also last for a life time. You never thought who you may end up being with, it could be that girl/guy across the food court, or someone new that you just met with your friends or at school. But for some like my cousin and friend it could be with your best friend. I guess you can say it’s amazing how the person you’ve always dreamed of that is perfect could be the one you’d least expect to fall for. I can’t say that love will always preval and that feelings won’t fade but the person you’re with is the one who gives you happiness, who has now filled that missing gap in your life. Without him/her there will only be empty space, the space of loneliness.



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