With you right here, I’m a rocketeer.


Love is funny. 

It’s as if one day you could be on the top of world and the next day you feel as if your world has just collapsed. I guess you can say being in love with someone is taking a risk. You’re risking everything you are, everything you would do for that person you love even knowing that you might not ever know when it may end. That is why when you love someone be sure you be the best you can possibly be for that person. Because you never know, it could end tomorrow or if you’re lucky like some it won’t ever end until the day you two die. I guess a lot of people don’t understand what they have in front of them or even see the spark of love in there relationship until they’re gone. But one thing is foreshore love is a journey, it can be the best times of your life but it also can be the worst. Most people say they regret love but the truth is it’s a experience we learn in life. It’s one of the most magical experiences yet, you just gotta make sure it doesn’t end.



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