A lot like love

It’s as if one day you had it all and the next it’s all gone.

I guess people are right about one thing in life. Everything and anything can be gone in a heartbeat, nothing is ever around for to long. That’s just a part of life you can say, like I’ve always said before, People will always come and go and life can hit you like as if there’s no tomorrow. But it’s the ones who stay in your life until your resting day are the ones that are worth it. Like love, it works the sameway. No one is ever around forever, things can only last for so long. That is why you must enjoy what you have while you still have it. Whether it be a lifetime or just short amount of time, either way atleast you had the chance to experience it. If it wasn’t for risks and courage then most people won’t be where they’re at today. But remember anything in life can be taken away at any moment, whether it be a someone you love or something that is valuable to you. Just remember one thing, enjoy life with that someone or with something that you love. Happiness is key in life, without happiness there is no life.



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