I just left this blog for about a month + and already a lot of changes been done by WordPress. And my blogstat definitely went downhill.

Hello readers! How you’ve been doing?

It’s finally October.. my A Level Exam starts in 9 days.

Sorry that I don’t update here that often anymore. I update more on my tumblr though.

So.. what did you miss? I don’t know really.

But… Guess what? I bought a new baby. Yes. Another baby. Here’s some trivia for you who don’t remember who my babies are. I have Rayyan (Nokia E63), Love (iPod Touch), Travie (my hard drive), Summer (Canon Powershot E1). If you’ve been following me on twitter, or Tumblr.. or stalked me on Facebook, I’m sure you know what’s my new baby. So here it is, let’s welcome my new member, Sunshine, a Diana Mini En Rose & Flash.

credit to @maiiilae

I am already on my third roll and definitely can’t wait to use the expired films dad got me.

To view the pictures from my first roll (and update on the pictures + blog update on my baby), go to my LomoHome.

And that’s all for now. Adios!



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