I miss..

To be honest, I miss blogging. Not the way I blog now, but in the past. Updating every single day, writing what I did and reflecting everything. Just like writing a diary. I just don’t have the time anymore. More like, I’ve been procrastinating too much. I don’t put that much effort anymore. Maybe that was just a period of transition for me. I don’t know.

All thanks to Twitter and Tumblr, not only me, but pretty much everyone just don’t update blogs anymore. I remember the excitement I get whenever I find out someone actually reads my blog.

Anyway, I finally sent my film to be developed, my fourth film – Centuria Super ISO 200 Expired. To my disappointment, most of the pictures are severely overlapped or had major light leaks. Only few survived. Although so, I’m still hoping I can save enough money for a Fisheye 2 Pink to add to the family (and followed by a La Sardina). It’s like the cons of having analogue camera. It’s a surprise, whether you get a really nice surprise, or a pretty disappointing one. But I still have no regret. I just need to master the art of analogue photography. It’s something that helps me to get my mind off everything else.


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