January 9, 2012

Spent a great afternoon with this girl. It’s been awhile, spending it, just the two of us. We made another cover after months, this time we covered ‘Moves like Jagger’ (in conjunction with Bunang’s wedding…… haha!) Covered it in the hotel room they stayed in. Then went back to Jeah’s house and took a lot of random videos of the cats and her, ate ice cream and cake from the event.

I packed half of my stuffs already. My next shopping trip is on Wednesday! I still have my stuff from Singapore trip last week lying around and now I have to pack for another trip. And I definitely owe you people a post on Singapore, which has been sitting on the draft for days.. I’ve been busy, really. With Bunang’s events, going out, spending my days trying to do productive stuff. And trying to complete those stuffs on my to-do list. Oh, procrastination, go away!

side note: I permed my hair last month. I like!


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