My complicated relationship with..


January 18, 2011

My iPod died on me. After a year. Oh wells.

I was super sad this morning. In fact, I was mourning. May you RIP iPod (Baby Love). I shall bury you with my other gadgets. You’ll be missed.

And I’m sorry that it’s easy to replace you. In fact, I replaced you too fast. And because of that, my other baby (Baby Rayyan) was replaced too..

So.. introducing my first baby in 2012… Samsung Galaxy S II.

May this new baby gives me a joyful year. I have yet to think of its name.

And may I.. don’t have to replace any other gadgets.. other than my laptop. I’ll get it if I get to Uni. And as for my camera, which already shows signs, I’ll deal with you soon. You’re still new. So you should be replaced in another thousand year.

And as for my wishlist.. a fisheye 2 pink for 2012.. that will be in my birthday wishlist *cough* take note everyone *cough*

My relationship with gadgets is complicated. We are inseparable but.. they always end up leaving me. Just like how real relationship is. #lesigh

I need a freaking job.


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