You’re the apple to my pie.

January 30, 2012


While everyone was having their usual Monday blues, I enjoyed my Monday.

Firstly because this friend of mine mentioned my name on air, live, on tv. Hahaha! I knew Syafique not long ago. So, last night, he tweeted that he’s going live on Bernama Today early morning. I promised that I’ll watch him… well, I forced him to thank me because I said I’m waking up early just for him.

So, while watching, Elane Noor said thank you to everyone who’s watching. Then she started saying, this “someone who wakes up early just to watch the show.” (She was referring to me as I was tweeting with Syaf, her and BernamaTODAY last night). So Syafique said my name (well, my twitter name) “Miiksy! All the way from Brunei!” I didn’t really hear what he said exactly.. because I was already busy laughing to the fact that he mentioned me. CHANNEL MALAYSIA LAGITU. HAHAHA! Although I think other people who was watching would wonder “Siapakan lagi si.. siapa namanya.. misi? miksi? Inda ku kenal. Pemes kan tu?” 

Secondly, Lynnie tweeted that her mami made briyani for me. I didn’t expect her to deliver it to my house. The next thing I know, her adik and her were right at my door step bringing the food. Inda lagi message tu. Aku lagi belum mandi tu! Hahaha! Nasib sudah cuci muka segala. Thank you! Your mami makes the best briyani in town ♥ Generous lagi tu portionnya. It was sweet of her ♥


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