Review : @mrbakerbakeshop ‘s cream pannacotta

Note: And just as usual, no this is not a paid review or advert. However I am more than happy to do a paid review or advert for you. Paid. Hahaha! As if someone would pay me T.T

I know I said I’m on hiatus but when it comes to review.. I just have to share it before I start forgetting everything. I’m still busy with school stuff to manage and working in the afternoon until 10pm ( I know! I finally have a job. At my favorite place on Earth. Imagine surrounded by food all day long.. Just looking at em makes me happy :’) )

Anyway.. I just tried out this one from Mr Baker’s .. Cream Pannacotta. Being a custard lover, this is definitely my favorite.. After custard lamington. I’m not sure if it’s custard but it tastes like one… It’s creamy, has the mousse texture.


It’s selling at $2.50 each and if you’re a custard lover like me.. Then there’s no regret to spend every penny on this.

From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Cream Pannacotta

Price: $2.50

Rating : 6.5/10

I shall go now. I’m going back to.. Real life. Busy all day long. I’ll miss you guys 🙂

Updated.. Click here to read my previous review

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