Yet another review

Bought another ticket for another shopping gateaway. Yay! I am tired from work and as usual, I just wanna cut my feet off. Sakit! I should buy myself a better shoes for work. And pants. And I’ve been super pissed because of school stuff. My day off on Monday yet.. No rest. I need to go to school, DST to register Hecas, court, photocopy this and that.. Take my negatives from the shop.

Anyway, here’s another review, obviously on Mr Baker’s because it’s the only place I go to everyday… And please ah, I pay myself. So.. Reviews only when I say it’s good and I have money. I realize a lot of people buy the Red Velvet. So I should buy one.. After I get my first pay… And I need cash to develop and buy more films for my Diana Mini. Oh wait.. Out of topic liao.. Let’s get back to review….

I’ve never tried the eclairs before. So my sister and I decided to give it a try today. My sister bought it first and after she tweeted me that it’s really good, I decided to use the last cash I have which I’m supposed to use to get my negatives and CD to buy one.


For someone like me, I prefer more chocolatey and sweet stuff. But for my sister, she likes it not too sweet. This is just perfect to her liking. And I have to agree with her, the eclair is really smooth and nice. She even told me to make a review on this one, and yes, it’s worth a review. Usually the eclairs are sold out by afternoon.. So you should grab yours earlier, it’s only 60 cents each.

From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Eclairs

Price: $0.60

Rating : 8/10

Also.. As usual, I always spend all my cash on.. food (duh!) so.. After the baker put Dark Chocolate Mousse… I felt like the mousse was calling my name.. Lol k exaggerating. So obviously, being me, I ended up buying one.


Now, if you’re like me, love dark chocolate, anything chocolatey, the sweetness is good enough to your liking (not the kind of sweet that will make you go diabetic) then this one is a must try. Inda rugi. I know I said this in my previous reviews but trust me.. When I say, it’s good.. It’s really good 🙂

From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Price: $2.50

Rating : 7.5/10

There’s another one we always love.. Fresh Fruit Roulade. It’s not available most of the time though.. Just recently baru ada. It’s like swiss roll but with fruits in it. So.. If you happen to be at Mr Baker’s and this one is available, please buy it. Nyaman! It’s frustrating if you go there but nada 😦

From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Fresh Fruit Roulade

Price: $3.50 (or was it $3.00?)

Rating : 9/10

Alright. I’ve been yawning. I need to sleep. Exhausted!


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