A red affair

It’s not me if I don’t blog about food, kan?

I just got back from work and had my late dinner. Not supposed to have my day off tomorrow but since I have to go to school and court, I already asked permission. Another busy day 😦

For those complaining that my reviews are too personal-like, this is a personal blog. Don’t expect me to write a magazine-like review.

So I said I wanted to try the Red Velvet.. And I got the chance to try it today with ze boss.

My sister tried one of the first batch but it wasn’t good. But now, I realized the customers usually buy two or more. It’s like one of the best selling ones. They even have a big cake if you want.. Anyway, I tried it today and yes, I have to say, it’s good now. My sister tried it as well, and she loves it. The cream cheese is perfect, the cake is nice but I believe it can be better. You can taste the cocoa from the cupcake. The portion is extremely generous. I even heard customers said to me “atu kanyang makan Red Velvet kamu atu.” (referring to how big, and generous the portion is) So.. Overall, both of us gave it an 8 out of 10.

Oh and the red velvet is only for $3 each. Some of the customers even said it’s one of the best in town… So, do come by and try 😉

Also, if you have any suggestions of places with good Red Velvet which I should try, do tell me!

Picture credit to Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Man.. For someone who dreams to be a food blogger, I fail. Hahaha! Bah! I shall sleep…. Or catch another episode of Running Man. Bye!

From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Red Velvet

Price: $3.00

Rating : 8/10



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