Oh June

When was the last time I updated this little baby of mine? It’s been a while ah… I’ve been busy. Well, been making myself busy. Work from 6.30++ till 5pm, gym right after that till 6.30pm. Home for dinner after that and sleep right away.. Or filling it with one or two episodes of series then sleep. And the cycle just goes on and on and on….

Also a lot of things had happened when I was away from here. He’s back, again. Not sure how it will go this time but I’m hoping for the best.

Also… I’ve crossed off another one from my wishlist… Got myself a Pink Fisheye No 2! Wheeeeee~


A lovely girl, isn’t she? Now Baby Sunshine (my Diana Mini En Rose) has a little sister! Her name is Giggle. Because it makes everyone giggle whenever they see her 🙂

Also do expect an update from me by the end of next week. This lady and my Giggle are going for a nice gateaway. I am going to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhao. Will be restocking my films to bring there. And of course, digital camera is a must bring. Hah! It’s gonna be a visiting trip rather than shopping trip but I am still excited. Giggle gonna take a lot of precious shoot there! And I miss shopping in Bandung already!!!

Bah.. Till the next update. I miss blogging! And sleeping all day long and do nothing productive!



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