Guangzhou, China.

Before I start my travel log, here’s a link to my short article published on Lomography’s website on my trip to China with my Giggle. And visit here to view all the pictures using my Fisheye.

Being old Miiksy, I shall now try to refresh my memories on my visiting trip with the help of the memo I saved in my phone. I’ve been either lazy, busy, tired from work or.. just lazy. Can someone invent a device that enables us to mind blog? Like seriously?

Anyway, my vacation started on the 10th of June. That’s like a decade ago. Kidding. My flight was around 10 am in the morning. It took 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Hong Kong. Oh, bear in mind that I was in a tour group, so I had limited shopping time but at least I get to know where to shop and such when we go there on our future visit. Image When we reached there, we took a bus for about 45 minutes to go to Shenzhen Bay Border, that’s where we finally cross to China. There we have to get off the bus, check out from Hong Kong border and enter China’s. If you’re lucky enough, it will take you less than an hour. We were lucky to have another counter open for us at China’s border but what’s crazy was the officer took at least 10 minutes for each one of us, just analyzing our photos, and probably spelled out our difficult Malay name one by one. And had a hard time with the lady since we have different tudong styles now. And we had the most bangang officer.

After we passed the passport checking and all, we had to go outside and get on our bus. But our bus parked around 5-10 minutes away walking, around half kilometer away or more. There’s a place specially for bus to park but I have no idea why the driver parked on the other side. We had to cross the road, and the traffic and what not. Image It takes about two hours to reach Guangzhou by bus. So by the time we reached Guangzhou, our tour guide brought us for dinner at a Muslim restaurant called Abdullah. We have no idea how to order if we ever go on the trip on our own because they hardly speak English in China (except famous shopping places like Luohu, where some of them even speak Malay). So when we arrived, all we know is eat as the food is already ready. Image Image Since all of us were already tired from the crazy long flight, we went to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Euro Asia Hotel. They have wireless at the lobby. And please bear in mind you’ll be super lifeless there with no Facebook and Twitter. So all I had was Instagram. You can use those in Hong Kong though 🙂 Image The next morning….

They gave breakfast vouchers to us. And please be noted, most hotels do not have halal food. So the only you can eat will only be… boiled eggs, bread.. well you know it yourself lah kan. So it’s safer to bring some snack, cup noodles and such. Karang ada yang menangis kelaparan. Image We went for a city tour around Guangzhou. Our first stop was Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Image
Above picture taken using my Fisheye 2. Image Next stop was the Five Ram Statue which we didn’t actually go up the stairs to see the statue because it would be tiring, it was almost raining and all we wanted was shopping. Image One thing our tour guide advised us is not to buy anything there, or at least don’t use any big change cuz there’s a possibility of you kena tipu and get your money changed to a fake one so you ended up having all fake money. Better be safe than sorry.

We went to a jewellery place next. The owner’s son was there and was able to speak malay since his mother is Indonesian. Ha gave each of us a jade – which I now use as my necklace – and gave crazy discount. Like this ring which cost around $4000 Brunei Dollar, he only sold to us for $800. The cashiers were scared but all he said was “it’s alright. I will sign later and pay the rest!” Image Image We went for lunch after that at a really nice new Arab restaurant called Al Bustan. Image Image

The food was not bad and they have a freaking wireless! I went crazy with Whatsapp and Instagram there. Sigh. The life of a social addict.

Next stop was Great Mosque of Guangzhou, where we arrived just in time for Zohor prayer. I love how the mosque looks like! There’s halal supermarket and restaurant along the road.

Our next stop was the Chen Clan Academy where we only did a super quick half tour and just shopped for jewellery there.

Our next stop was…….. SHOPPING! We went to Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang. It’s a long street full of big and small shops. You can’t bargain at big shops of course but the small ones, you must bargain AT LEAST half of the price they gave you. Please be memajal as you can because they will eventually give you the price you asked for. The rate is about 6 Yuan for B$1. Here you can get a lot of jewellery, tops, jeans. Everything. As long as you know where to find and bargain. And most of them do not speak English. Calculator and body gestures will be a help. They kept speaking Chinese to me and it’s probably the most in my life saying “No! English! English!” They did tried their best to speak English to my parents but when they turned to me, they still spoke Chinese to me. So.. Uhm.

After that we went dinner to the same restaurant and I did get to take pictures of more Engrish on their menu. You can view on my Facebook album if you have mine.

There’s always small, mobile vendors selling fruits outside like lychee (I miss this the most! Super nyaman!), berries, chestnuts, peach. And please do bargain.

And to end our day in Shenzhen we went for a cruise. No picture. We had a long ride that I almost fell asleep there. Went back to hotel and packed up as we moved to Shenzhen the next day.

Till the next post! Sorry for the low quality pictures as all are taken using my phone and I spent more time taking pictures using Giggle 🙂



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