Shenzhen, China.

Now it’s been a while.. So where did I stopped? Ah yes, Guangzhou. So the next day, we continued our journey, two hours on road from Guangzhou to Shenzhen.

We arrived there right for lunch so we went straight to this restaurant above Muslim Hotel.

The restaurant is far from the hotel we stayed, and we couldn’t find much muslim restaurant here. I hope the pictures above can help you with finding the address.

We stayed at FX Hotel. It’s super new and every room has wifi. How crazy awesome is that? But what’s crazier is.. they barely speak English. Even when I called the reception, I had to ask “You speak English? ENGLISH???”

When we went into our room, it wasn’t clean yet, and we seriously couldn’t communicate with the housekeeper. We asked her to clean but she brought us extra bed. With super basic Mandarin I know, all I could say is “Wo bu yao! No! You. Clean.” She could catch what I wanted, and still speaking mandarin to me and several body gesture, she pointed out that she only clean the room once a day, and it was hard to tell her that we just checked in. So I ended up going down, and wrote down “Just checked in. Room. Clean. Please.” and that’s pretty much the only way the receptionist understood me. Macam mau nangis tu Irah disana.

Parents and I went for a walk along the street for a good 20 minutes.

Shenzhen with Giggle

And then we continued our visiting trip. We went to China Folk Culture Village. We spent the afternoon till night there. Watched the performance at night which was super amazing. The crazy stage, awesome performance, hundreds of performance for the.. two hours show, if I’m not mistaken. I was seriously amazed by how they managed everything. Having to manage SMARTER’s Oddy’s Quest I and II before, I already knew how tiring it was with only a few performers and having to co-operate with everyone. Apa lagi ani. A big stage, with a lot of sets, props, hundreds of performers and backstage crews, a lot of everything. I have to say they’ve done beyond great.

Shenzhen with Giggle
Shenzhen with Giggle
Shenzhen with Giggle
Shenzhen with Giggle

I’ll skip on the pictures from the performance. You can view it on my facebook.

After the performance ended it was raining super heavily. So, we ran all the way from the performance place to exit which was quite far and there were too many tourists. We went back to the same restaurant for dinner, then went back to the hotel for a long rest.

The next day…..

We went to Shenzhen Museum. Mama wasn’t really interested in these stuff so Bapa and I went around. They have super awesome rooftop. You can see part of Shenzhen from there. If I am Chinese, I’ll be super proud of their museum! Lawa! Banar! I love whoever design this building. Okay. Over lah. Hahaha

After a quick stop there, we went to… WINDOW OF THE WORLD! My favorite place. Banar! Your trip isn’t complete if you don’t go here.

Shenzhen with Giggle
Shenzhen with Giggle
Shenzhen with Giggle

After that we went to Shenzhen Mosque, which doesn’t actually look like a mosque, because I was expecting it to look like the one in Guangzhou. We went there for Zohor/Asar prayer.

We went to another Muslim restaurant which looks much proper and atas (expensive-like). It’s called ZFY. Click here for a list of address of ZFY Restaurants.

Luohu Commercial City was our next stop. This, ladies, is our heaven on Earth. Yes, there’s all the fake super high quality “branded” handbags, watches, jewelleries. EVERYTHING. Just don’t buy any electronics here though. Most of the sales person we met speaks Indonesian Malay, and English. And like I’ve said previously, bargain as low as half of the price they gave because they will end up agreeing to your price.

We went for dinner at… Can someone who can read Chinese tell me?

We went to Dong Men Night Market. There’s a lot of big shops and small ones, like the one we went in Guangzhou. I didn’t spend much there though but it was nice just walking around. There’s super fashionable shirts like the one you see famous bloggers wears, or the one you see on online shops selling for $20 and above (which only cost less than $10 at the market!!!)

And here’s an abrupt end. I seriously need to figure out how to end a post nicely. Till the next post. Which will be on Hong Kong. Adios!


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