Another chapter.

Closed another chapter, moving on to another chapter. It’s been 5 months since I worked at Mr Baker’s and officially ended my “working life” this afternoon. It was tough saying goodbye. Not that I won’t go to the bakery anymore, but the fact that I’ve gained so many memories there. 

I’m gonna miss all the friends I made at JPMC. The call center people, si boss, gym people, front desk, ambulance people, ‘front liners’.. pretty much everyone. I’m gonna miss going to the gym after work. I will go back to gym as soon as I get my school stuff done. And until I get my license. But until then, I won’t be seeing those familiar faces.

I remember the first two weeks I stayed in Batu Bersurat branch. I met Wu Chun. Oh yes, I was crazy excited.


I’m gonna miss Bu Ari. Teman Curhat, other than Glenn. She was the one who trained me since Day 2 till I get to JPMC. My one and only Ibu there. 

And I will miss those days when I get to try pretty much everything we sold at le bakery. Ok lah, not everything, but.. I remember it was quite a fattening week for me.

I’m gonna miss Ka Sarah… and her loudness! She fed me way too well during my first two to three weeks there. Until I decided to go gym and ‘diet’. Then she just fed me moderately. She’s like, the best food buddy ever. 


I’m gonna miss Glenn. The guy I spent more time with. From 12 pm until I finish gym. The guy who advised me on… relationship. HAHAHA. The guy who knew about the crushes I had in JPMC. LOL! The guy who knew what I like and dislike. The guy who sometimes treat me macam princess, not letting me do this and that, but this girl never listens to him. Well, he never listens to me too. And before he left for his vacation back to Pinas, he decided to ‘rape’ my camera, so now my gallery is full of his pictures. HAHAHAHA!Image

I’m gonna miss all my girls too. Although I don’t actually spent much time with them due to the distance that separates us.

I’m gonna miss Tiqah, my first friend at the bakery because Hazman refused to talk – or  he was too quiet – and I don’t know how to start a conversation with him and Khiri. OMG I miss Khiri! And Kit, who left early. I remember whenever I come to main branch before going to Airport Mall branch, the people start to kacau me and Kit. “Kenapa Syahirah? Rindu Abang Kit kah?” Then he started singing jiwang song to me. HAHAH! That guy. 

I’m gonna miss Madam Mozel. She hugged me before I left. “Madam jangan nangis ah? I’ll be back….. for my gaji!” HAHAHA! And Papa Abe too. I guess being the youngest (and super manja), sometimes I feel macam kana spoil kan saja di sana. I’m gonna miss Papa Leong and his “jadi bini ke tiga ku” jokes. Even today, he still made the same joke.

I’m gonna miss everyone really. 


Working made me learn a lot. The joy of getting your own money from all your hardwork. Having friends and knowing that everything gonna work if we all work as a team. Everything made me realized how hard life is. Sometimes I go home feeling angry or emotional, if my days don’t go as I planned it. Baru jadi cashier, sudah macam kan tinggi darah, apa lagi keraja banar banar. Everything made me appreciate what I have. 

I will miss everything. 

And now, another chapter gonna open for this girl. Got a place for myself in ITB (Alhamdulillah! It was nerve wrecking waiting for the list after the crazy interview I had!). I’m still waiting for Polytechnic’s. Either way, I’m very excited for back-to-school shopping. And studying. Here’s to another 2 years of stress, assignments, more memories, more of everything!




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