Let’s just..

Had my Pre-orientation early yesterday. And I have to attend the orientation later (it’s midnight as I’m typing this. I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep) and Saturday. Spent a couple of hours at bestie’s place to fill the form, catching up with each other and… sleep. Actually slept for a good half an hour before bapa called to fetch me from her place.

To be honest I am actually excited about going back to school. Not the stress and assignments but.. having something to keep me busy again. I miss working, to be honest. I miss everyone in JPMC. I miss everything.

Le bestie and I are officially together again. Staying at the same campus again, although she’s doing degree and I’m doing HND. Our mummies are happy that we’re both gonna be around each other again. I hope we can spend time together more often since we didn’t back in our A Level years. Almost 9 years with this girl and she really understands me that well. “Let’s grow old together!” “We’re old, omg, look, we’re in uni!”

Still having a hard time to accept the fact that we’ve grown up but here’s to the better future, here’s to more rajin Miiksy (ahem! Like said every year. whew~)

Good night, lovers. I’ll be back in no time.


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