Hong Kong

I know, I know. This post is long overdue. But do bear with me. I had my semester break but I barely had time for myself. I don’t have any more classes. I have exam in a week. Crazy uni life is crazy! But I have amazing friends!


We didn’t spend much time here, which was kinda a regret. Only spent one day and hell that wasn’t enough. We were kinda unsatisfied with the travel agency since you know how awesome Bruneians are when it comes to shopping.

Departed from Shenzhen early in the morning, went through immigration and what not. We had to say goodbye to our tour guide in China because we were in Hong Kong and he can’t work there. So as soon as we arrived there, we were brought to this place for some photo taking. It was quite foggy so it was a little hard to take pictures of the surrounding.






The tour guide then brought us to Majid Ammar & O R Sadick Islamic Center. They were renovating the place so it was kinda dusty. We saw some Bruneians and Malaysians there. The masjid was in the building, and they had a canteen there. So we had our lunch and our breakfast (on the next day. Hong Kong Dim Sum man!) there. To be honest I love the food. The food in China was kinda.. not healthy. Sure there was a lot of vegies but.. fried ones. And they always serve eggs, and sometimes macam too much bawang! Ugh.

It was like the only time we had a proper food during the trip. Banar tah. And it was nice performing Zohor there!




We were brought to this jewelry place but it wasn’t worth mentioning so I’ll skip that.

After that, we went to Stanley’s Market and Victoria’s Peak. It’s not exactly necessary to go to Stanley’s Market since the stuff sold there are pretty much the same like Lady’s Market, just a little bit expensive, but the surrounding is nice although going there was quite a pain in the butt because the place is located at… I don’t know. Like you have to go through a reeeealllly long journey, going around the hill, using car of course, but it was so scary. Although the view was worth going through the pain.




Yes we pretty much spent every single day buying and enjoying fruits!




We went to Lady’s Market in the evening. There’s more stalls (more like bazaar-ish) here compare to Stanley’s, and definitely cheaper. You can get a lot of cheap souvenirs here such as keychain, magnets, t-shirts.. and super crowded too!


We went to another muslim restaurant there, and a lot of Malaysian artists went there – saw pictures on their wall. The food was so-so.


And stayed at Regal Oriental for the night – and went back to Brunei the next morning (the flight was super delayed, for about 2 to 3 hours, turned out there was VVIP in our flight).


And that’s a wrap. My last trip for my gap year. All pictures here taken either using my Samsung Galaxy SII or Lomography Fisheye No 2.

And the only reason I have time to blog now is because I just downloaded Windows Live Writer in my new laptop. So yay!

Bah. Till then. Adios.


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