Fleur de lys – One true love

Went here for the first time. I never actually cared of this before but this time, I’ve made up my mind. For the first time ever, I told myself, “This is one of the best pasta I’ve ever tasted.”

We ate Spaghetti Prawns in Tom Yam Sauce.

Just by seeing the name, the first impression I had.. “Oh  Tom Yam.” It made me wonder too. A pasta, in tom yam sauce. Won’t it be weird?

When the food arrived, my first bite was the big prawn. Just from the first bite, I already gave a plus point. It was so fresh and crunchy. You can totally taste the freshness from the prawn. If I could cry from just eating, this would be one of the reason.

And then I proceeded with the spaghetti. I was wrong when I doubted how it will taste. Being a spicy lover, you can taste the spiciness the moments you had it in your tongue. It was so good I just want to froze the moment. No, I am not exaggerating. It was so good. Especially if you love spiciness.

For someone who kinda has broken tongue from too much spiciness, the spiciness was just perfect. For others who’s not into spicy food, it might be quite spicy.

Give it a try. No harm.

HOWEVER. Yes, there’s always a BUT or HOWEVER in every good thing. It was one of the worst customer service I had (number one was when the cashier of one of the department stores was crying while attending us, probably fighting with her boyfriend?). The waitress DID NOT smile even for a bit. We were being so friendly to her but she was giving us a long face. Kana putung gaji kah senyum ani? Even the other waiter was the same. Sister was standing in front of him to pay, tapi macam invisible? So it was a minus. Wait. Double Minus.


I’m sorry that the photo did not do any justice.

From: Fleur De Lys

Item: Spaghetti Prawns in Tom Yam Sauce

Price: $15.00

Rating : 10/10

I also had the brownies (which apparently costs only $3.50) but costs us $7.00 for a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, not to mention, the portion was small.


From: Fleur De Lys

Item: Brownie A La Mode

Price: $7.00

Rating : 5/10

Total damage was $27.20 for a plate of finger lickin good pasta, a plate of brownie and two glasses of drinks. Happy tummy is happy, nevertheless!



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