Pandan Roll from Mr Baker’s!

Accompanied with good songs and happy tummy, here’s another review that is overdue.

After working at Mr Baker’s for about 5 months, I’ve kinda made some items as my favorite or must-try food (the ones I would recommend to my customers, and now you, fellow readers).

When I started working, almost everyday, there’s customers who walk in or call us asking for Pandan Roll. It made me curious.. why are they asking for Pandan Roll? What’s so special about it?

Then.. ta-da! When I tried it for the first time, I immediately fell in love with me. It wasn’t just me. A lot of our customers in JPMC usually buy 2 or more in one go. If it’s delivered in the morning, sometimes, it’s sold out even before 10 am, so we had to request for more from our main branch, and yes, it’s always sold out by the end of the day.

Now, moving on to this Pandan Roll. I am nowhere near a fan of pandan cake or anything as such. But this is exceptional.

What is so special about this Pandan Roll?

It’s made of a layer of pandan cake, with pandan-flavored fresh cream and… wait for it……… RED BEAN PASTE.

Some may ask, won’t it taste weird? No, dearest. Please, if you see this available in the bakery, grab it fast! Give it a try. Other wise, why would it be sold out even before lunch time? It’s usually made fresh everyday (do check for the availability with the cashiers as I’m no longer an employee there. But do ask me for any other recommended food Smile with tongue out )


From: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop

Item: Pandan Roll

Price: $1.50

Rating : 8/10


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