One Of The Best Cendol In Town

It’s not exactly the green cendol, looks more like ABC.

But I have to say this is one of the best in town. I dare not say the best because I have yet to taste other places. This is one of the places you should never miss, especially as a Bruneian.

Located at Plaza Athirah, right opposite of Kofom, it’s a sort-of big shop, selling old skool candies, snacks and samboi, fruits to be eaten on the go and this infamous cendol. Selling at $1.20 for a small cup and $1.80 for a big cup, it’s definintely worth all the pennies.

It’s made up of shaved ice, corn, red bean, sago, cendol, jellies and gula melaka (or gulanau/palm sugar). I usually ask for a big cup, no red bean, extra sago.


To be honest the picture I got did not do any justice but here it is


From: Chendol Stall, Plaza Athirah – Opposite Kofom

Item: Chendol

Price: $1.20 (S) $1.80 (B)

Rating : 9/10


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