2012, so far..

First thing first.. If you haven’t realize yet, I’ve created a page with list of food/places I’ve reviewed. Click here!

I have to say, 2012 has been the best year I’ve ever had so far. My gap year, working life and finally entering university. Although, to be honest, it wasn’t as I expected it to be, I have no regrets.

In January..

I spent my new year – 1st till 4th – in Singapore, shopping and paid a second visit to Universal Studio, with the sisters (first time visiting USS was in 2010 with Naz and Zati).. And then January 11th to 15th, I did a shopping trip to Bandung and it was amazing!


I also volunteered for another SMARTER event, the sequel of last year’s Oddy’s Quest. Met more new volunteers, had much more amazing experience! I miss my costume crew already!


Also my twitter name was mentioned by Syaf on BernamaTV’s BERNAMA TODAY. A 10 seconds fame right there 😛


In February…

Got myself a job at Mr Baker’s Bakeshop! And met Wu Chun (this is probably the bazillionth time I posted this but who cares, I met Wu Chun!)


Also met wonderful people at the bakery. I had awesome boss, awesome work mates, awesome work place.

(..and I went through weeks of hiatus because of work..)

Also this year, I got myself a Fisheye No 2 Pink! Her name is Giggle by the way!


As part of my gap year, I also paid a visit to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong! (Do click the names to read posts on the places I visited)


I am also now an official student of Institut Teknologi Brunei. 😀


I also lost a family of mine, my other half, my darling bee, my sayang…


Also found out from Hikmah that Jumanji used my two pictures on their banner for TechXpo. And also found out that they did put my video on the website…. D:


Oh! I also started gym this year!


And of course, not to forget, we now have a new member of the family, born on the 1st of November.. Wazir Mu’taz

67669_10152339480105160_1710577056_nAlso, I turned 18 and got myself a driving license. Ahem! 😛

What I’ve learned from 2012? I don’t know really. People come and go. Being in love with someone doesn’t mean you have to be with him (as quoted from a friend of mine, “Cinta tidak harus memiliki..”). Whatever things I’ve learned, or mistakes I’ve made, I’m sure I’ve learned or still learning from em. What stays in 2012, shall stay they way it is. All I’m gonna do is preparing myself for 2013, for a better, much more challenging year.

Thank you everyone for making my 2012 a lot more interesting, challenging, heart breaking. It’s been awesome.