End the year with chocolate dipped strawberries

One thing I question myself, every single day, ‘why does this happened to me?’ .. and all I kept doing is answering it myself, ‘things happened for a reason you know.’

And now, we’re already counting down to the end of 2012, and the start of 2013. 2012 felt so fast. Too many things happened in one year.

Ask yourself.. what achievements have you done this year? Did you manage to fulfill your checklist of 2012 resolution or is it still left undone? Cuz I know I have a few more to achieve before 2012 ends.. the clock is ticking fast.

Ask yourself.. how many people have come and go from your life? Leaving you behind with no valid reason, or leaving you behind, feeling hopeless, because you know you will never see him or her anymore when you have so much to say to that person? Cuz I know I’ve some. One who left me for the same reason he did before, and one who left me forever..

Ask yourself.. how many failures have you experienced this year? Cuz I know I’ve failed on being just myself, and instead, being someone that people will like. I failed as a human, somehow.

Ask yourself.. how many times have you helped someone in need this year? Cuz I definitely did a lot this year, achieving one of my resolutions, to volunteer more, to help people more. It doesn’t mean you have to go all the way to some kind of organization and start volunteering. You can simply start by start giving. Give that smile of yours, who knew it will make someone happy. Treat your friends for lunch, maybe. All their ‘thank you’ and ‘may you be blessed’ will be just like prayers, for your happiness or successfulness.

But all these ups and downs didn’t stop me. All these didn’t stop me from moving forward, from trying harder, no matter how many eggs and flours being thrown at me, I will never stop. So will you.

We have roughly about 3 weeks left till 2012 leaves us. Make the best out of it. Cheers!


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