Dear Lynnie,


We knew each other since.. 2009? Glad that we’re closer than before. You’re the twin sister I wish I had. Everyone kept saying we look alike, and we kept denying. I have so much great memories with you.. like going for a freaking audition together HAHAHA! And kept getting into the wrong way and had to go all the way to Lambak and almost went to Tutong. Bandar trip together, volunteered for SMARTER… Also you had to endure my bad driving before you left for Seoul.

And you, woman, made me into a total kpop fan girl. Thank you. Thank you very much.

I’m not sure when you’ll read this post, but you’re probably already in Seoul (or in KL, or on your way to Seoul).. I am proud of you, woman. Congrats for making your way to Seoul. Study well. Please don’t come back to Brunei with colored hair and kpop dress. With several albums, or 13 idol-husbands. Do bring back my darling Thunder though! Please don’t cry reading this but if you do… go on. Cry all you want. Flood your room. Alright, I’m off track. Where was I? Haha. I miss you already and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to send you off. As sister said, study well, learn how to cook Korean food so you can feed us both next time. Hehehe! Sayang you! Please take care of all my boys there. And kidnap them to Brunei. Ahem!










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