Hidden Gem in KB


I sometimes sleep over at sister’s place in KB, and these are the only time I can satisfy my craving for my favorite food, or try the food outlets there as recommended by friends or foodie bloggers.


One of my ultimate favorite would be Nul Hajika Restaurant. Surprisingly some people don’t actually know about this place. I read about this place before and gave it a try when I went there back in February. Last week, I spent a night in KB and the first thing I did when I reached KB was to grab the food.

What to eat there?

Roti John Hong Kong Style. With a choice of either cheese sauce or black pepper sauce. And there’s two sunny-sides-up on top of the Roti John. I recommend the one with cheese sauce!



From: Nul Hajika Restaurant, Wisma Yakin, Kuala Belait

Item: Roti John Hong Kong Style (With either Cheese Sauce or Black Pepper Sauce)

Price: $3.50

Rating : 10/10 for the one with cheese sauce. 7/10 for the other one.

Another must try from the same place would be the Mee Gulung. It’s mee (noodle) wrapped in egg. Comes with kuah, with a choice of chicken, beef or seafood.


From: Nul Hajika Restaurant, Wisma Yakin, Kuala Belait

Item: Mee Gulung

Price: If I’m not mistaken, it was $3.50, except seafood, it was $4.50

Rating : 8/10

Another place to go to would be Marilyn Café. I’m not sure of the actual name of the street.. was it Jalan Pretty? I’ll reconfirm this.


The choc mud cake is a must try! (I have no photo of it, nor do I know the price).. It’s super good, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Definitely a 9 out of 10!

I grabbed the Choc Moist Cake and it was definitely moist. An 8 out of 10. And the cookies too!



(Note: Sorry for the undetailed info for this café!)

Also, the Supa Save Seria (renovated) is open! Went there for snack shopping.


We went to Naafi after that only to find out that it was closed! Bummer! And that pretty much sums up my food-venture in KB! I have more to try. Do recommend me where to try next Smile


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