Mr Baker’s Cafeteria

Finally got the time to go here! I know how nice their sandwiches are so I was ecstatic to come here and try ‘em. We (Miles/Miley and I) went here an hour after our Korean-lunch-out. It was unplanned though. We went to The Mall but it was jammed, and the parking was freaking closed. So we ended up at the café, which is located at Gadong Central, opposite of Super Save.

I love the environment and how everything looks like.IMG_20121223_144036


What’s funny was, we literally took 10 minutes just to cut a bite of the sandwich, to a point where we gave up on fork and knife. Hahaha! Nurul saw me and told me that she was curious why the two ladies were eating super slow, then figured out it was me. LOL! We spent about 10 min just to take pictures of the food, and another 10 minutes to cut them.


Mine was Smoked Beef with Sauteed Mushroom. It was good! Miles agreed and said that she liked mine better. I shall give it a 9 out of 10. It has onion, and I think there was cheese, and mustard? I’m not sure really. And uses Rye bread. Both of us opted for toasted bread.


Miley’s was Beef Bacon and Sauteed Onion, tastes almost the same like mine (both of us liked mine better), and made up of Multigrain Roll.

Both sandwiches cost $5.80.

Also had Red Velvet as our ‘dessert’. Read on my previous post on their Red Velvet.


The next time I come here (when I get my next allowance, that is), I shall go for the make-your-own sandwich. You get to choose whatever you want inside the sandwich!

Looking forward to another pig-out sesh with Miley! Do recommend us other places to try!


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