Gandara Spa, Batu Bersurat

It’s a different review this time, not a food review (but do check out tomorrow’s post as I have found a new favorite cake shop!)

For the past few months, I’ve been waking up with bad heel pain, sometimes back ache. A few days ago, I went for massage for my lower part (legs, that is!). It was good, but then, I crave for something that feels even better and relaxing.

Being a student, I can’t exactly afford a grand-spa-experience such as in Thann Sanctuary (which is now in my wishlist!). Sister asked me if I wanna go for a nice massage session. So I booked two spot for the two of us.

To be honest, I did not expect much, and this was my first ever experience going for a full body massage. This spa is located above Modesto. It’s very easy to find. Make sure you call to make reservation first!


Once I entered the place, the first thing I saw was the fully decorated reception area (it’s Christmas!), and soothing background music. She welcomed me with a big smile and reconfirmed that I booked for a 3.30pm treatment.


We were asked to fill in a form, for their record, and were given a customer loyalty card, which they kept for us (free treatment after 10 chops! Yay!). We were then asked to sit in the waiting area, where I assume the room for reflexology treatment. She asked if we wanted some tea, too!


And then, we were brought to a room on the left side of the reception area where we had our massage treatment. The room had two big chairs and three beds, a small cubicle to shower and change your clothes.


We had the Aromatherapy Swedish Massage. It costs $30 per hour, but apparently there’s 10% discount (I asked her until when the promotion is valid, but I think it’s going on until forever, until they announce it if there’s any changes)

The massage was definitely nice for me. They did some stretching and what not, put hot packs on your back while they’re massaging your legs and sometimes ask “Okay, maam?” while massaging. Overall it was a nice experience.

They don’t have much treatments but I think I will definitely come back for more massage.



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