Hello 2013

Usually I spend my New Year Eve at my granny’s place, for a BBQ night, but we did it in advanced last Saturday so.. how did I spent 2012 New Year’s Eve?

Nope, no food review, but food photos ahead!

Yes, went for early dinner at Excapade to satisfy our crave for sushi, and that was our last pig out sesh for the year. Sadly they were out of asparagus and avocadoes, so I am still craving for a good salmon asparagus!


Mini California Special


Baby Octopus Maki


My favorite Chicken Gyoza! Crispy and juicy!


Kani Koroke – potato with crab meat


Edamame. Been trying to find them in supermarket but no luck. There were only small ones! Someone tell me where can I get ‘em?


Salmon Fire Cheese


Hokkaido Maki


Vanilla Ice Cream with Red Bean

It also took them around 20 to 30 min to grab my coke. Yep. Was so annoyed by that. And the waiters were too loud.

Also, without fail, we always end up at Boba Tea!


I usually like Pearl Milk Tea but theirs weren’t as sweet as I like it even at 100% sugar level. So I always go for the slushes with popping boba or jellies.

In the evening, I still end up watching sad Korean movie and flooded my room.

As for today, I spent my morning sleeping, and my afternoon trying to organize my wardrobe. Nevertheless, it’s a productive day so far!

Happy New Year everyone! May all of us have a blessed year ahead!


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