Ummi Can Cook

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to learn how to cook… starting from easy-peasy pastas. And then, in December, I made up my mind that I should totally learn to cook. So, I ended up spending my December cooking…… KOREAN FOOD.

Probably because I found some good easy recipe (special thanks to Aeri’s Kitchen for the guidance! And several other websites and youtube videos!)

I watched the first season of Family Outing, and there was an episode (or episodes) where Lee Hyori made Potato Pancake (Kamja Jeon – 감자전).. It sort of worked. Along likes it while Angah doesn’t. It was easy to make though.. Here’s a simplified one:

“Peel and dice potatoes (around 4-5, no need to boil), put into blender until smooth, add about 1 tsp of salt, put some on heated frying pan (add oil/butter first, of course!) and serve! Makes about 5-8 pancakes depending on how much/size you make.”


I also made a Korean Pancake (Pajeon – 파전) (as I am writing about this, I am craving for the Seafood Pancake we had in Koryo!) As for this, I used my own recipe as I found different recipes with different measurements. So I called this Pajeon Ummi Style – and it was extra spicy! Yay!



And then I found another recipe of Korean snack/street food called Hotteok (호떡). It took the longest to make but probably the best I’ve made. It has cinnamon, ground peanuts and brown sugar fillings. So it was definitely good!


I found Kimchi at Hua Ho (product of Brunei! Quite pricey though – $6+).. and I found out that I don’t like Kimchi on its own, although I don’t mind eating it. So, I took the left over and made ‘em into Kimchi Fried Rice. I did not search for any recipe and simply followed whatever’s on my mind and it still ended up tasting superb.


Currently thinking what else I should try cooking.. Yums!


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