Note: This is (and every food reviews written) based on personal experience.

Remember this post when I said that it was the first time I tasted the best pasta, ever?

Well, please be noted that it only applies to their branch in KIULAP and NOT in KIARONG.

Went there (Kiarong branch) for brunch (initial plan was having some Korean food, but we ended up there). I was craving for the Spaghetti Prawns in Tom Yam Sauce but it was definitely such a disappointment. It was quite sour, and the taste of the lemongrass was just too strong, and the spaghetti was in a POOL OF OIL. I literally finished everything on the plate at the other branch but this…. it was disgusting. If it wasn’t for the $15.00 I paid for the meal, I would have just left.


And not only mine, sister’s Prawn Aglio Olio had spoonful of oil too. So the next time I crave for these goodies, only go to the one at Kiulap!

However, no doubt they still have the freshest and the best prawns even at this branch! Plus point right there!


We also had a Mango Cheesecake, which was quite good! Definitely don’t mind coming back for more of that!


And of course, being a coffee lover, and needing to get my coffee fix, I order an Ice Blended Coffee – Vanilla. It was good~ I am craving for Coffee Bean’s Pure Double Chocolate though. And Gloria Jean’s White Iced Chocolate. And Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato!


And as commented during my first visit.. the waitress wasn’t any different. If Kiulap branch has super mahal smile, here they have super noisy ones. Talking even while they’re serving the customer, and I find their attitude quite rude too.

Total damage was about $40, just for the two of us.


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