I am not exactly that busy as for now. Right now, as all of you may know, I am very occupied with baking, going back to gym, uni. But so far, it’s still easy for me to handle.8afd9a825de111e280ba22000a9f1893_7

Yes that is my train pencil case. And this year, I am still with Music Club.

Last week we had ITB CCA Open Day and it was awesome! I only did the decoration though and no, not much pictures, actually.

And joining this club, it’s actually another chance for me to cross off another one from my bucket list. That is to perform in front of crowds. One day. One day…


To be honest, the first time I was in this club, I felt somehow small… I was so used to being in choir and this is just way too different. But hey, awesome people, awesome club. I am blessed!

I am now looking forward to my weekend getaway next week!

Watch their performances below!

Raz–Kosong (Cover of Najwa Latif’s Kosong)
Aim–Akhir Rasa Ini
Kerispatih–Demi Cinta

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