Got a Versatile Blog Award from Manisha (thanks babe!)

I don’t exactly see my thoughts or posts as worth reading and whatnot, nevertheless, thank you to the people who still reads my blog, the ones who still read this from the first time I opened this blog, up until now.

Part of the rules as a recipient of this award, I have to post the award on my blog, share seven random things about me, and nominate seven people for the award.

This award thing also asked me to nominate 7 others but to be honest, I don’t exactly have much blogger friends anymore. They are either no longer in blogging world, or some famous people who will never reply me, lol! Nevertheless, I’m passing this award to Syafique Shuib from for being my source of motivation and inspiration to blog more. Not exactly hoping a reply of this award but here’s my part!


1. I have arachnophobia. Yes. Spiders are forever my enemy.

2. My dream – to be a writer. But I am stuck with going with my dream of being an actual writer or going for a professional job. Nevertheless, I am already in the right path to achieve both. By being a part time volunteer writer and sometimes posting my articles on Lomography (check ‘em out on my Features section!) as well as being in Uni doing some computer thing (although I’ve planned to go on with my idea of taking Public Relation as my degree after I finish my HND)..

3. I just realized my passion for baking. I mean I’ve baked before, of course. But I  have just realized how much I wanted this now than before. I like being surrounded by flour, eggs, sugar. I don’t mind the mess. Despite being an impatient girl, baking taught me to be patient in everything because practice makes perfect! Thus the establishment of my online bakery – Guilty Pleasure Bn!

4. Yes, I am a very impatient girl.

5. I talk a lot (except with people I just met). When I talk, I have no idea when to stop. Until someone shuts me up.

6. I was the school representative for Malay debate (or bahas, that is!). I still have passion for it but I don’t see any more chance of me joining it now. The last time I was in debate was back in 2010.

7. I am an analogue camera enthusiast (or rather a camera hoarder). I now own a Diana Mini En Rose (2010), Fisheye No 2 Pink (2011) and a recently-bought Instax Mini 8s Black (2012).


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