KLFHS–Night 1

/KLFHS – KL Food Hunting Series

Sorry for the delay. But here comes my food hunting series!

Our flight was in the evening. So bought Subway from KL Sentral. My all-time favorite meatball was out of stock so I tried the Italian BMT.


And obviously satisfied my crave for Subway’s cookies! Those are good! Had the White Chocolate Macadamia and Double Chocolate.


Also bought a cup of drink from ShareTea. Yes, we have it in Brunei but it’s way too far away from my place. Tried Rock Salt Cheese Cream with Cocoa and Red Bean but it tasted just like thick chocolate with red bean. So meh!


After we checked in at Seri Pacific Hotel, we went to the mall across it (Sunway Putra Mall) and grabbed Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Mocha, McD’s Butterscotch Blizzard! It was one damn sinful night


Please bring Butterscotch McFlurry to Brunei! It was damn good!

Bah enough making you salivating for now. More coming soon. This is just the starter. Hahaha!


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