KLFHS–Mochi Sweets, Tokyo Street

I’ve tried our very own Belluno – mochi with ice cream and I have to say no. I like mochi on it’s own, and ice cream on it’s own. Probably the mochi was quite thin. It’s a love hate relationship and it was quite pricey too.

During our food hunting trip, sister let me try Mochi Sweet (I’m not sure where else they have, but we tried the one in Tokyo Street). It was nice! They have varieties of flavors too but we only got ourselves chocolate and.. I don’t remember. Red bean, I think? It wasn’t sweet, or not sweet. Just nice. If it wasn’t because we had more food to eat, I would have asked for everything hahaha! The price for each was pricey too, around RM4-4.50 but it’s a food hunting sesh, so why not?



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