KLFHS – The Street Cafe

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy. Had a week semester break but it didn’t feel like one because I spent the whole week at UBD Library or ITB. And wifi been bad so I’m currently at CB, updating this while taking a break from my assignment.

One of my favorite place to eat during our food hunting (along with Cone Pizza, but that will go in another post) would be The Street Café. It’s claimed itself as The Best Korean Street Food In Town.


We didn’t eat much since it was a Saturday and we had so much more food to try.

We tried the Jumbo Eggroll – basically a big egg roll with bits of seaweed and godknowshatelse.


Also tried this Spicy Chicken wrap (?) but no it was not spicy, but yes, it tasted good.


And of course, being in a place that serves street food, you can never miss the spicy rice cake (ddeokbokki – 떡볶이) so we had the Chicken Sausage Ddeokbokki.


Also tried Milkis – sort of like soda milk drink or something It was goooooood!


I hate myself for blogging right now. Lapar!


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