A foodie journey–4 years

I know I haven’t updated (excuse my usual ‘sorry for not blogging I’ve been busy’). I have tons of pending food posts but that can wait, for now. I have three more weeks till the end of this semester. I have 2 reports, 3 tests and 4 exam papers to go. So spare me some time.

Anyway, decided to give a short update because….. It’s my blog’s 4th year anniversary! I know! I just realized that. Although it’s not my 4th year blogging (since I started in Blogger) but WordPress has been a wonderful partner since day one.


And to be honest, it took me awhile to actually decide what kind of blog this will be on. At first, it was all my usual daily updates. And then I stopped blogging every now and then due to exams, work or uni. Started to turn this blog into a food and travel blog since last year (check on my food reviews and travel logs on the header-navigation section!). And to be honest, things have turned out well.

A friend of mine actually said to me ‘I salute you. For still keeping a blog. No matter how rare you update these days, you still manage to keep a blog, and write once in a while.’ I started blogging when all the hype began, when every population in Brunei has one. And now, it felt like the blogging era has ended. I won’t blame this on anyone really. I mean, everyone gotta move on at one point – and I am not saying that I have not moved on that I’m still blogging. I’m just keeping my passion alive. I’ve dreamt about being an actual writer, and thank you to blogging, I’ve not only improved a lot but I’m also a writer for a couple of websites.

And now, everyone in Brunei (well the whole world is!) is stuck with the era of micro-blogging, where it’s all about Twitter and Instagram (follow mine if you haven’t! @miiksy for both Smile ). We’re stuck with world of only 140 words per tweet, or live-update of our lives through Instagram. I am, too.

Blogging has given me a commitment. A big commitment. That is to keep this thing alive. I admit I’ve abandoned this several times, but I kept coming back. Because in the end, I know that writing is my passion. I am just not at the position where it’s good enough to be published on papers yet. Not yet.

Nevertheless, to cut the story short – to stop you from feeling asleep – thank you everyone, my dearest silent readers, blog hoppers, and loyal readers who kept waiting, who are patient enough to wait for my updates, who have been supportive ever since I started writing. I’ve made a lot of blog-friends, foodie bloggers, readers-now-friends. And I am glad that I found you guys.

Loads of love,



p/s Bestie and I, on the other hand, just realized that it’s been 9 years since we’ve known each other!


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