Hold on till May


Note: You may skip this post. I just need to rant.

Is it just me or I like to blog during exam week? I guess writing makes me forget the day for a second. I guess I’ve been forcing myself to revise too much, or been stressing out a lot that mama actually told me “Bawa bawa berehat, jangan luan dipajal belajar atu” (“Give yourself a break, don’t force yourself to study too much”)

So far I’ve done two of my papers, I have two more to go and one test. The first paper (Computer Systems) was do-able. I won’t complain much since I’m pretty much bad in this unit but I managed to understand most of the calculations the day before the exam – went to the school and cramped all the calculations in a few hours. Mad!

The second paper was this morning (Information Systems Environment) and it was a shitty paper, I tell you. Most of my friends texted me yesterday on how to revise and why all the information just won’t digest in our brain. And the paper was… ugh. Some did require common sense, but the rest… The thing is, some of the answers to the questions aren’t even in our notes. And what common sense, really? I died right after I read the first question. In the end, all I could say was “ah screw this sh*t!” and went out after 1.5 hour. So talked to the gang (the usual group who also comes out early) and everyone did complained on the same thing.


And awu, bekarih membuat meme ah.

Ah enough ranting for the day. Don’t worry! I’ve promised you guys updates when semester break starts. I have A LOT of food reviews to write for you lovelies!

p/s The title actually refers to my current favorite song by Pierce The Veil. Damn that song is addictive


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