Ricebowl Restaurant, Batu Bersurat

I’m sorry for the delay. Internet has been such a pain lately.


So I finally got to try Ricebowl (located at Victory show room, Batu Bersurat – used to be a showroom for Cherry?). I’ve gone there twice now (once with Miles, the other with Jeah) and I kept ordering the same thing – Corned beef kway teow (probably because I’ve been craving for corned beef a lot. Should try the Laksa soon!) It’s simply plain kway teow, topped with corned beef (quite oily though) and a sunny side up. I usually mix everything first before eating this. Despite it being quite oily, I do enjoy it though and the portion is quite okay too. But a 7.5 out of 10 for me.


Miles tried their Kolomee (at that time she was craving for Babu’s Kitchen Kolomee, and I was actually craving for Nasi Lemak but I obviously ended up somewhere else and not eating Nasi Lemak. Haha!) It was okay I guess though we preferred Babu’s (or Semporna Enak in Rimba!)


I kinda like the environment there and it is safe to say, it’s better to come when it’s not their peak hours (lunch time, or breakfast on weekend I guess?). Otherwise you’ll have trouble finding a parking spot, and the place do get quite packed.

I need to try their Red Velvet cake! People kept telling me they taste so good but I haven’t got the chance to get one yet.


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